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Garage Door Spring Repair And replacement

There are thousands of different models of garage doors in the world, but most of them share one thing in common: they rely on a carefully arranged assortment of springs to operate safely and effectively. And when even one of these springs stops working, it can cause total chaos!

When you need spring repair that’s fast, dependable, and affordable, you can count on Jolly Goat Garage Doors. Our experienced team is proud to provide garage door spring services for residential and commercial property owners and we’re only expanding and growing as time goes on. Keep reading to discover more about our work with “all things springs!”

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Broken Garage Door Spring
Repair or Replacement?

Even though you may have found us by searching for garage door spring repair, we don’t always fix your door by repairing your springs. Garage springs are inexpensive, so we often recommend replacing garage door springs rather than repairing them. Attempting to strengthen or patch such delicate metal components is almost always less effective than simply swapping out old springs for new ones. Nevertheless, we will communicate with you throughout the process to keep you updated, so you’ll never wonder whether you need garage door spring replacement or repair.

Jolly Goat Garage Door Repairs and Installation
Jolly Goat Garage Door Repairs and Installation

Torsion Springs Vs. Extension Springs

The two main types of springs used for garage doors are garage door torsion springs and garage door extension springs. Here’s a little more information about each type:

Torsion springs for garage doors operate by turning rather than expanding and contracting. They’re also sturdier and have a longer service lifespan than extension springs. You can typically expect torsion springs to last between 15,000 and 20,000 usage cycles.

Extension springs, also known as tension springs, expand and contract fully when the door is in operation. These springs are more affordable but not as durable, typically lasting up to 10,000 cycles.

Signs You Need To Replace
Your Garage Door Springs

Sometimes you’ll immediately be able to tell you need a garage door torsion spring replacement. If you notice any of these common issues at your home or business, get in touch with us, and we’ll start replacing garage tension springs or torsion springs right away:

  • The springs are excessively noisy or have started to make strange squealing, popping, banging, or creaking sounds.
  • The springs can’t support the weight of the door.
  • The springs are visibly rusty, worn out, or damaged.
  • The door keeps coming off track.
  • The door is misaligned.
  • You haven’t lubricated your springs (or scheduled garage door maintenance) in multiple years.
  • You’ve already had several garage door spring repairs, but you’re still experiencing spring issues.
Jolly Goat Garage Door Repairs and Installation
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Leave Garage Door Spring
Services to the Pros

Even if you’re an extra-handy homeowner or property manager, replacing garage door springs isn’t a DIY-friendly project. Here’s why you should always rely on experts for garage door spring repair:

  • It’s unsafe
    Dealing with broken garage door torsion springs or garage door extension springs without the proper equipment or training can be dangerous or even deadly. Balancing on a tall ladder while handling unfamiliar door components and sharp tools can also be dangerous.
  • It’s time-consuming
    If you’re not sure what you’re doing, what you thought was a quick garage door torsion spring replacement can turn into a long, complicated project that wastes both your time and money.
  • It requires specific tools and parts
    Garage door torsion spring installation is far from one-size-fits-all, so picking the right torsion springs for garage doors isn’t as simple as you might think. Many parts and tools we use for replacing garage tension springs and torsion springs are only available on the commercial market, so you’ll struggle to find them at the hardware store.
  • You’ll preserve product warranty
    Some doors we install require professional garage door spring repair as a condition of their warranty policies. Attempting garage door torsion spring installation by yourself could void the manufacturer’s warranty, which can complicate things if you ever need to make use of one of these policies.

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