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Our Hearts Beat for Oklahoma City!

You Found Oklahoma’s premier garage door haven!

Nestled in the heart of Oklahoma, Oklahoma City has its own unique charm. And now, it’s got its own dedicated garage door company to boot! Say hello to Jolly Goat Garage Doors—your local hero for all things garage-related.

Greetings, OKC! Your Garage Door Guardian Has Arrived!

Are you in OKC and in a bit of a garage door pickle? Look no further! From emergency garage door repairs to chic designs with a plethora of garage door materials to choose from, We’ve Got Oklahoma City Covered!

BEST Garage Door Repair Near You in Oklahoma City, OK

At Jolly Goat Garage Doors, we’ve mastered the art of garage door repair, turning every hiccup into a hoorah. Whether it’s a sneaky broken garage door spring that’s acting up or a more complex garage door replacement process you’re after, we’re the local heroes you’ve been searching for.

The Jolly Goat Difference

  • Redefining Service Excellence
    Good people like you have made us known as Oklahoma City’s unrivaled choice. We take your time and consideration very seriously, and our specialists are standing ready if you need same-day overhead door repair magic!
  • Legacy Craftsmanship
    Local, family-owned, and ever-passionate about the artistry of top-tier garage door care, you’ll see immediately why the Jolly Goat is a symbol of trust and dedication for Oklahoma City, as well as all across the Oklahoma City Metro area.
  • Honoring the Heroes
    A nod to our teachers, nurses, first responders, veterans, and senior citizens – you are the “goats!” Thank you for making our world jolly good. We’ve got special discounts for you!

Suffering With One of These Top Three Troubles?

  • Off-Track Doors?
    Let us solve that fast and get you back on track!
  • Springs Sprung or Feeling Fatigued?
    We’ll restore their strength in a jiffy.
  • Stuck With Opener Issues?
    Whether it’s the motor, the keypad, or the remote, we’ll quickly diagnose and get that door dancing to your tune again!

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Why Choose
The Jolly Garage Door

We've danced through the diverse neighborhoods of Oklahoma City, from the historic charm of Mesta Park
to the vibrant vibes of the Plaza District. We've seen it all, and we absolutely love it!
So, naturally, OKC is on our list of top places to spread the Jolly Goat joy.

What We Offer to the Heart of Oklahoma

Same-Day Garage Door Service

In a rush? We got you! We’re swift as the winds sweeping down the plains.

Local Experts

Our team knows OKC inside out, which means we’re always just around the corner, ready to jump in and fix any residential or commercial garage door issue.

24/7 Availability

Midnight garage door emergencies or early morning glitches—we’re on call, making sure you’re never stuck.

So, Oklahoma City, are you ready to join the garage door repair party? Contact Jolly Goat today, and let’s get your garage door moving in the best way possible!

Got Queries?

Fear not, for Jolly Goat is here
to share our expertise on all things garage-y!

Dial in for a Jolly Garage Experience

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6:39 am, December 7, 2023
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Here Are Some Answers
to Your Burning Questions

  • Why opt for expert garage door repairs?

    Think of your garage door as the knight guarding your castle! It’s big, it’s powerful, and when it’s not quite right, it can leave the whole kingdom in a tizzy.

    Creaky sounds? Things looking outta whack? That’s your door’s way of telling you it needs a bit of expert love. The professionals (hint: us Jolly Goaters!) ensure all pieces and parts are in prime form, ensuring you’re not just dealing with a door but a fortress of safety.

    So, if your knight is acting more like a jester, call us. We’ll set things right in your kingdom!

  • What about health checkups for Garage Doors?

    This is a bit like asking how often you should change the tires on your vehicle. It depends on how often the garage door is used and what conditions it is exposed to.

    Generally, a biannual check should be done. Pay attention to those tracks and rollers; they’re like the door’s shiny shoes! A regular polish (or clean) keeps them grooving right along smoothly.

    Hear an odd sound or see something go hippity-hop? It’s time to let one of our Goat gurus tune the performance. After all, everything that moves needs occasional maintenance, and garage doors can be dangerous if not properly maintained!

  • The Jolly Approach to Choosing Your Garage Door Opener!

    Think of your garage door opener like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. There are a lot of pieces that LOOK like they will fit, but you need to pick the right one to make the puzzle come together smoothly!

    Doors Don’t Diet: The weight of your door is the biggest factor. Whatever it weighs is OKAY! Just make sure your opener has the muscle to lift it. The magic formula? Check the opener’s s owner’s manual and/or specifications sheet.

    Thermal Efficiency and Motor Madness: This one is pretty simple. Do you have an insulated door? Go for the AC motor. If it’s not insulated, the DC motor’s your jam.

    Now, you may be wondering if the door you have is the door you need.

    Do you have an attached garage?

    Do you live in an area where temperatures either a) vary drastically throughout the year or b) is extremely hot or cold year-round?

    Do you use your garage as a workspace for hobbies?

    Do you keep animals or pets in your garage?

    Are you planning to sell your home within the next ten years?

    If you answered YES to two or more of the above questions, an insulated garage door is probably the best option for you. We’ll be happy to assess your situation and confirm or deny this.

    Compatibility Central: This isn’t a blind date! Make sure your door and opener are a match made in heaven by checking the manufacturer’s Cupid list of approved pairings.

    The Cherry on Top: Modern openers come with bells and whistles that would make even tech geeks swoon! From Wi-Fi and battery backups to LED lights and magical remotes – pick the extras that make you feel like you just had a no-calorie banana split!

More Perks and Discounts

  • Discounts for Veterans
  • Discounts for Teachers
  • Discounts for First Responders
  • Discounts for Senior Citizens
  • Your Satisfaction - Guaranteed!
  • Exceptional, Next-level Service
  • SAME-DAY Service Specialists
  • Open 24 Hours, 7 Days A Week!
  • Highly Trained Garage Door Specialists
  • We Service All Makes & Models
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  • What are some different types of garage doors?
    • Canopy garage doors
    • Barnyard style garage doors
    • Sectional garage doors
    • Roll-up garage doors
    • Side sliding garage doors
  • Which garage door type is best?

    When it comes to garage doors, there are lots of different types to choose from, so it can be difficult to figure out which one is best for you. Ultimately, the garage door that is right for you depends on a number of factors, including your budget, the size of the garage, and desired installation time. For example, roll-up garage doors are usually more affordable than automated garage doors, but heavier-duty sectional garage doors are more secure and offer more insulation. If ease of installation is important to you, then consider a tilt garage door – these typically take less time and effort to install than any other garage door style. So whatever features are most important for your needs – whether that’s insulation, value or convenience – make sure you find the perfect garage door for you.

  • Can you repair the garage door yourself?

    Repairing your garage door doesn’t have to be a tedious chore. With the right know-how, garage door repair tasks can be completed in no time at all. While it may seem intimidating at first, most garage door repairs are relatively straightforward and cost-efficient when tackled yourself. Start by learning more about garage doors and their mechanics, and then research the specific problems you may be facing with your own garage door. With some patience, knowledge, and the right tools in hand, you will likely find that you can tackle many garage door repairs yourself. However, it’s always best to contact a professional to avoid injury and further damage the garage doors.

  • What maintenance does a garage door need?

    Garage door maintenance is essential for keeping your garage door operating in optimal condition. On a regular basis, garage doors should be inspected to look for any signs of damage or wear and tear. This can include checking the garage door opener, springs, tracks, chains, bolts, and garage door panels. It’s also important to keep garage doors lubricated with oil or grease to ensure the moving parts stay in proper working order. The garage door opener should also be tested regularly for correct operation, as well as all safety sensors should be checked for proper alignment and signal strength. Finally, cleaning garage doors regularly with a mild cleaner will help keep them looking new while preventing corrosion and rust that can cause more serious issues down the line. With these few simple steps, you can maintain your garage door, so it works reliably and efficiently for years to come.

  • How often do garage doors need maintenance?

    Keeping garage doors in optimal working condition starts with routine maintenance and care. Although the garage door should be inspected and maintained at least twice a year, any unusual behavior like squeaking or jerking warrants an immediate inspection. In most cases, garage doors should be lubricated every six months to prevent persistent dragging or sticking, as this can otherwise seriously shorten the lifespan of both the garage door and garage door opener. It is also important to regularly tighten any loose nuts and bolts, check balance, inspect springs for signs of wear, adjust garage door tracks if necessary and examine garage door openers for proper function. Taking the time to properly maintain garage doors can help ensure they remain in good working order for many years to come.

Why Is My Garage Door Not Closing?

When Your Garage Door Throws a Tantrum: Jolly Goat’s Got the Fixes!

The sun’s shining, birds are chirping, and you’re ready to head out in Oklahoma City. But wait! Your garage door seems to have other plans. Don’t fret! With Jolly Goat Garage Doors on your side, we’ll sleuth out the reasons behind this little hiccup.

6 Issues that can infuence your garage door from closing

  • Sensor Shenanigans: 

Modern garage doors come armed with safety sensors. If they’re misaligned or there’s something blocking their path, the door refuses to close. A swift garage door tune-up might be all you need to clear the way.

  • Track Trials: 

If your garage door’s track is having a bad day (read: bent or misaligned), your door might be throwing a fit. This is a job for the experts—perhaps a residential a commercial garage door repair.

  • Remote Riddles: 

Sometimes, the problem isn’t with the door but with that tiny remote in your hand. Replacing its battery or reprogramming might just save the day.

  • Limit Settings & Logic: 

Your garage door opener has these settings that tell it how far to move. If they’re off, the door might think it’s done before it truly is. Fiddling with these might need a professional touch, and a garage door maintenance session might be in order.

  • Springs & Strings: 

If you hear a loud bang, it could be a broken garage door spring that needs repair. This isn’t DIY territory—call in the cavalry! Call the experts! Call us!

  • Manual Mode Mayhem: 

Check if your garage door is in manual mode (often indicated by a hanging rope). If it’s set to manual, it won’t respond to openers like LiftMaster garage door openers.

Remember, a garage door is a complex beast, combining weighty materials and intricate mechanisms. If it’s giving you grief, it might be time for a professional garage door service. At Jolly Goat Garage Doors, we’re primed and ready to transform your garage woes into wows, ensuring every exit and entrance is smooth sailing. Or, you know, smooth opening and closing!

Oklahoma City, whenever your garage door throws a curveball, remember: Jolly Goat’s just a call away!

Oklahoma City's Most Trusted
Garage Door Repair

From new garage door installations to garage door tune up or handling a broken garage door spring repair on that pesky opener that’s decided to go rogue, we’ve got a herd of garage door maintenance and services ready to tackle your every garage door need. And because we love OKC, you bet we’ve got some special deals tailored just for you!

Ready to Experience the Jolly Goat Difference?

The Chat and Cheers

Reach out, and we’ll be there faster than you can say “Boomer Sooner!” We’ll chat about your needs, discuss your options, and give you a clear estimate.

The Service Samba

Whether it’s a garage door installation, a garage door repair, or a garage door style upgrade, our experts will side step into action, ensuring your garage door is in tip-top shape.

The Happy Hoedown

With the job complete, you get to do the happy dance, enjoying a garage door material that’s smooth, stylish, and oh-so-functional.

So, Oklahoma City, are you ready to join the garage door party?
Contact Jolly Goat today, and let's get your garage door groovin' and movin' in the best way possible!
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