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The Jolly Goat Difference: Why We're Yukon's Most Reliable Garage Door Company

We know you’ve got options when it comes to garage door services, but let us tell ya – no one does it quite like Jolly Goat. Why? Well, pull up a chair and let us regale you with a tale or two.


Jolly Good Sir!

Our expertise is nothing short of rockstar level. We’re not just talking about garage door upgrades here. Oh no, friends. From emergency garage door repair to routine garage door tune-up and maintenance, we’ve got the skills to pay the bills!

We're the epitome of "service with a smile"

We’re the epitome of “service with a smile” — and that’s not just because we’re a jolly bunch. We genuinely care about providing quality, cost-effective solutions to all your garage door needs. And guess what? We sprinkle a little Jolly Goat fun into every service. You won’t find a dreary face around here, no siree!

Yukon's Ultimate Choice for Garage Door Awesomeness

Alright, enough tooting our own horn. What can YOU expect from Jolly Goat garage door services in Yukon, OK? Here's the lowdown:
  • Speedy Response
    Have an emergency garage door repair situation on your hands? Call us, and we'll be there faster than a goat on a mountain trail!
  • Top-Notch Quality
    Whether it's a residential garage door or commercial garage door repair, we use only the best materials and products. We're talking Liftmaster garage door openers, people!
  • 24/7 Availability
    Garage doors don't keep office hours, and neither do we. No matter the time, you can count on Jolly Goat to solve your garage door woes.

Dealing With These Frequent Garage Door Setbacks in Yukon, OK?

  • Door Off Its Track?
    A door off its tracks can put a real dent in your day. Jolly Goat Garage Doors is ready to set it right in Yukon.
  • Springs Feeling Sluggish?
    Revitalizing springs is our specialty. We’ll give those tired springs the attention they need.
  • Baffled by Opener Woes?
    Yukon, look no further. Whether it’s a malfunctioning motor or an unresponsive remote, we’re here to resolve your opener issues.
Garage doors are serious business, but who says you can't have a little fun along the way? With Jolly Goat, you'll get a side of laughter with every service call. We aim to make your garage door experience as delightful as possible.

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we're here for every door and story.

The Garage Door Rodeo:
Why Won't My Garage Door Close in Yukon, OK?

Y'all ever feel like you're in a rodeo, but instead of riding a bull, you're wrangling a stubborn garage door that won't budge? It's frustrating, ain't it? In the wonderful land of Yukon, we believe doors should open when you want 'em to and close without a hitch. But alas, the mechanical world is not a perfect one. So, let's untangle some common reasons why your garage door is acting as stubborn as a mule:

Sensor Shenanigans

Those little eyes on either side of your garage door might look insignificant, but they hold the power. If they’re misaligned or obstructed, say goodbye to a smoothly closing garage door.

Track Troubles

A bent or misaligned track can make your garage door’s journey a real grind. Check for any visible issues and consider calling in a pro for a quick track tune-up.

Spring Snafu

Broken garage door springs could make your door lose its spring in its step. This ain’t a DIY task, folks, so it’s best to call the experts.

Remote Woes

Dead batteries or out-of-range issues could leave you clicking that garage door remote to no avail. Dead batteries or out-of-range issues could leave you clicking that garage door remote to no avail. In such cases, consider replacing the batteries in your remote or taking a few steps closer to ensure you’re within the operational range. If neither solution works, it’s time to call in the Jolly Goat experts for a thorough diagnostic.

Manual Lock

You might’ve accidentally engaged the manual lock on the door. Check the knob or lever to ensure it’s in the “unlocked” position.

Got Queries?

Fear not, for Jolly Goat is here
to share our expertise on all things garage-y!

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  • How quickly can Jolly Goat Garage Doors respond to an emergency?

    In Yukon, we’re swifter than a prairie wind! For emergency garage door repair, you can count on Jolly Goat Garage Doors to be at your service within the hour.

  • Do you offer both residential and commercial garage door services?

    You betcha! Whether you’ve got a cozy residential space or a big ol’ commercial setup, Jolly Goat is fully equipped to take care of all your garage door needs.

  • What's the average cost of a garage door repair in Yukon?

    Ah, the million-dollar question! The average cost varies based on garage door material, garage door style, and customizations. Give us a call, and we’ll provide you with a precise estimate.

  • What types of garage door openers do you install or repair?

    Liftmaster garage door openers models and even those specialized motorcycle garage door openers, we’ve got all your needs covered. And we also do residential garage door opener repairs as well as commercial garage door opener repairs.

  • How do I schedule a garage door tune-up or maintenance check?

    Keeping your garage door in tip-top shape is as easy as dialing 405-265-5233. Set up an appointment, and our team will mosey on over to give your door the spa day it deserves.

How to Open a Garage Door with a Broken Spring

A broken spring is like a garage door gremlin we’d all like to avoid, but sometimes, it rears its head when you’re least prepared. If you’re a Yukon resident scratching your head over this predicament, fear not! We’ve got some pointers. But let’s be clear: if you’re dealing with a broken garage door spring, it’s always best to call in the pros for safety reasons. However, if the situation is dire and you absolutely have to get that door open, here’s how you can navigate the nuisance:

Buddy Up!

For the love of all things good in Yukon, don’t attempt this solo. Recruit someone strong to help you lift the door. Remember, without the spring, you’re lifting the door’s full weight.

Gather the Gear

Have at least two pairs of vice grips, a couple of sturdy ladders, and some basic tools handy. And yes, safety goggles are non-negotiable.

Disengage the Opener

Before anything else, disconnect the garage door opener. Usually, there’s a red emergency release cord that does the job.

Enter Vice Grips

Place one pair of vice grips on each side of the door tracks, about halfway up. These act as stoppers, preventing the door from crashing down once you start lifting.

Lift with All You've Got (and a Friend!)

Gather at the base of the door. With a deep breath and a firm grip, start lifting the door steadily. Your buddy should do the same. Keep your backs straight and lift with your legs to avoid injuries.

Keep it Steady

Once you’ve hoisted the door open, place the ladders under each side to help hold it up. Then, slide the second pair of vice grips onto the tracks just below the door to keep it from falling.

Call Jolly Goat ASAP!

Now that you’ve gotten out of the immediate jam, ring us up to get that spring replaced. Trust us; it’s not something you want to DIY.

Attempting to open a garage door with a broken spring can be incredibly risky. While these tips are here for urgent situations, we can’t stress enough how crucial it is to get professional help for a safe and sound solution. If you’re in Yukon, the fastest ticket to Spring-Spring-Sproing is a quick call to Jolly Goat Garage Doors. We’ll handle it from there.

Expertise Like No Other

You don’t have to take our word for it; our garage door services speak for themselves. We offer specialized services including broken garage door spring repair, LiftMaster garage door opener, and a comprehensive garage door replacement process. Not to brag, but our expertise in garage door materials and styles is unparalleled. With Jolly Goat, you’re not just another customer; you’re part of the Jolly Goat family, and we treat family right!

The Jolly Goat Fun Factor

Jolly Good Parts, Jolly Good Service

Why settle for less when you can have the best? For all your garage door needs in Yukon, OK, remember, Jolly Goat Garage Doors is just a hop, skip, and a jump away. Give us a ring, and let’s get that garage door of yours in tip-top shape!

The Goat has 24/7 Support

Sure, garage doors are serious business, but who says you can’t have a little fun along the way? With Jolly Goat, you’ll get a side of laughter with every service call. We aim to make your garage door experience as delightful as possible any time, day or night.

More than Just Mechanics

Remember, while some of these issues can be tackled by you, good ol’ handy folks of Yukon, some are best left to the garage door magicians at Jolly Goat Garage Doors. So, when in doubt, give us a shout! We’re always here to make sure your garage door is behaving like the loyal steed it should be. For immediate assistance, dial 405-265-5233, and let’s lasso this problem together!

Got more questions, Yukon folks? Don't hesitate to holler. At Jolly Goat Garage Doors, we're all ears and all service!

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